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Discard Seed Management

CP Recycling of Nebraska sources (under an exclusive supply agreement) discard seeds (Corn, Wheat, Barley, and Sorghum/Milo) for utilization in ethanol production. The ethanol plant is located in Mead Nebraska, with warehousing available in Lincoln NE and West Unity OH. This application manages treated, genetically altered, and off spec seed materials. This ethanol plant utilizes two onsite 4 million gallon anaerobic digester as well as an onsite compositing facility to manage 100% of the resulting thin stillage and Wet Distillers Grain; absolutely NONE of these by-products are utilized in any feed applications. In addition the resulting biogas produced by the anaerobic digestion process is consumed in the plants boilers to produce the heat to run the ethanol process.

CP Bio Energy sources and supplies all other seed varieties for utilization in anaerobic digesters and industrial furnace applications across the country. With over 50 available digesters across the country CP Bio Energy is uniquely positioned to manage your discard seed in any quantity in an environmentally sound manner.

Discard Seed Program

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