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Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Alternative Fuels Program

CP Recycling at work in the field.
CP Recycling at work in the field.

For thirty years CP Recycling, Inc.'s major business focus was in the permitting, design, sourcing and on site operation of hazardous alternative fuels and raw material substitution programs at cement plants. CP Recycling, Inc. is no longer involved with that business, primarily because after many years experience, the cement plants felt they can manage their own programs. However, the experiences gained through those programs are invaluable in assisting other companies to recycle internally, their own byproducts or source external materials.

CP Recycling, Inc. maintained an impeccable safety and compliance record during that period while handling over 500,000,000 gallons of flammable hazardous wastes. The principals operated in more than 15 states over this period and are still recognized for their service to the waste industry. CP Recycling still entertains those programs as potential future business.

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