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Future Strategic Direction

The company employs a process to convert the crude glycerine (a byproduct of biodiesel manufacturing) into component raw materials that brings significantly higher value to the materials. Typically, crude glycerine contains glycerine, soaps, fats, methanol, salts, biodiesel (methyl ester), etc. The material varies in composition due to the various production processes and changing raw material feed stocks. Often times, the product could be solid or liquid at room temperature. In many cases, storage at elevated temperature will cause the product to polymerize into an insoluble, non melting soap. Because of the above conditions, most companies have difficulties handling the crude glycerine for down stream applications.

The CP Bio Energy process breaks down each of the components into higher value products. 100% of the product is used. Some products like methanol, glycerides and fats can be recycled back into the original process to use as feedstock in making biodiesel.

Off Spec biodiesels are utilized and marketed to high volume energy users (cement kilns, asphalt kilns, utilities) as well as utilized in off-road application for heavy industrial users. Some of the materials can even be managed into other biodiesel producers to supplement production needs.

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