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Anaerobic Digesters - CP Bio Energy

CP Bio Energy sources residual, off spec, obsolete, discontinued food and biomass products for use as an energy in the Midwest and Texas anaerobic digesters. These digesters are situated close to or onsite at large dairy, swine and poultry farms. The main source of feed for the digesters is manure generated on site. The major product produced in the digesters is methane gas. This gas is collected and is either sold through the pipeline, or used as energy to fuel engines that generate electricity.

To supplement the manure, these digesters are permitted to utilize food wastes and other biomass byproducts. As an example, they use crude glycerine, sugars, sweeteners, colas, veggie oils, fats and greases from the transport container drainings and washings. Whole contaminated, rejected truckloads and railcars of product have been used. Soda pop, peelings from fruit and vegetable processing, outdated and obsolete frozen and prepared foods can be incorporated for Methane production. The current plants are located in New York, Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Indiana and Michigan.

If you would like to learn more about our program, or have your products evaluated, please call our office at 231-737-3400 or email us at pknowlson@cprecycl.com. We would be happy to provide references for our services.

Anaerobic Digesters - Locations and Regions

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